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Logo Design

A logo is a visual image that promotes individuals or institutions and allows their corporate identities to be expressed in the simplest way possible. The work done to reveal the logo is called Logo Design work. Logo Design studies are of great importance for the promotion and branding of individuals or institutions. If they are shaped in the hands of professionals with high imaginations, creative ideas, and experts in fine arts and graphic arts, they can be remembered as icons that will not be erased from human memories for years.

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Logo Works

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity, for an institution to continue and grow in a safe and effective way in the sector in which it operates; It is the most effective way of reflecting its power and reliability in the sector. Corporate identity design; The logo to be created for the institution gains a meaning with the brands and content information that will define the institution correctly, the colors to be used to express them and the font to be chosen. Having an impressive visuality of corporate identity design ensures that the most effective messages are given about the reliability of the institution and its professionalism in the sector.

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Packaging Design

Packaging design is one of the most effective methods of marketing the product. It is the presentation form of the product dressed to the customer. A well-designed packaging can sometimes override the technical features of the product in purchasing preferences. By increasing the sense of selectivity and confidence in the product on the customer, it causes an increase in the rate of preference in the market. Packaging gives an image as a quality indicator of the product, and due to these qualities, it creates the feeling of being preferred among similar products in the market, causing its share in the market to increase.

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Web Design

Web is one of the services offered on the Internet and it allows the transmission of text, graphic pictures, sound or moving images to computer users over the Internet. In order for these processes to take place, it is necessary to use software that will allow working on both a computer and a network to be created, together with computer hardware. Users only use staging interfaces and do not see software running in the background.

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Social Media Management

Inventions, developments and innovations in science and technology bring producers and consumers together on the internet and allow the trade volume to increase and become widespread in this virtual market, which we define as e-commerce. In order for e-commerce to be carried out effectively, for companies, products and brands to reach the consumer with the simplest and most effective visual and slogan, to provide interactive communication with consumers, and to achieve high promotion and sales opportunities; It is necessary to use the platforms in the digital world very well.

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Catalog Design

Catalog; They are booklets prepared by companies or institutions for the purpose of promoting and informing their brands, products or services, following certain techniques and procedures. It is also one of the most effective advertising tools. In fact, a very well-prepared catalog is a model, a document that will always be looked at, benefited and kept in the library for those who are interested in the sector it belongs to. We can call catalog design the process of transforming the brand, products and services of a company or institution into booklets by using the most accurate and effective printing techniques, by transforming the contents with effective information texts into visuals with color harmony.

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Brand Design

Today, when many people buy a brand, apart from the advantages offered by this brand, they question what it means to the image of the brand and the characters of this brand. Brand design is one of the most powerful tools that shows the different features that individuals or businesses are likely to perceive in the eyes of people. Whichever brand you examine, you'll notice that each has its own unique features and stances. In fact, what makes brands brands is ; their stance and their unique work.

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Poster Design

One of the indispensable products for advertising is posters. It has never lost its importance in the historical process. For this reason, many companies still use posters frequently, no matter how much they benefit from the opportunities of developing technology. What makes the posters indispensable is its design. Let's get acquainted with this by reviewing some of the tricks of poster or banner design. Poster design is a very enjoyable work for graphic designers in terms of revealing their creativity, and it is a risky work in terms of presenting a subject with emotions on a page.

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Fair Stand Design

Fairs are an open market environment where companies from various sectors aim to expand their customer portfolio by introducing products and services and new technologies within an organization, and to increase their profit share by taking the lead in the competitive environment by creating a positive impact on decisions by informing and influencing customers. There can be organizations of various sizes in the country or abroad, or it can be held as an organization where only the producer companies in one sector come together and compete with each other.

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Annual Report Preparation

The annual report is the report prepared at the end of each year to present the commercial, financial and economic status of the companies, the income-expenditure balances and the summary of the transactions made to the management. The annual report is also prepared to inform existing and potential business partners and stakeholders. The annual report provides motivation and loyalty, as it is an annual report in which the contribution to the success achieved as a result of the effort and effort put forth by the employees throughout the year is shared with them.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a work of great importance in the promotion and sale of company products in e-commerce applications. It is applied by professional WEB design Agencies based on the products and services of each company in the sector. Design Agencies, Search engine optimization (SEO) method; By applying it on the basis of company, product and brand, they allow the needy to reach and view your site more than the competitors. By making the companies they provide consultancy services to be displayed in the first place in the existing search engines in the digital world; They provide a great advantage for companies.

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