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Övünç Güven Ersoy
Art Director & Designer

Övünç Güven Ersoy graduated from Gazi University Graphics and Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Graphics departments in 2005 and 2011.He worked in many design and advertising agencies for 12 years and produced many projects for corporate companies. In 2015, he established the Övünç Güven Ersoy Design Agency by branding the power of his name in the profession.

It is known for its modern and simple style in design and often depicts the essential qualities of the institution or subject it represents. His work spans a wide range of design areas, including logo design, branding, visual identities, posters, social media, web design and seo technologies, catalogues, trade show visuals and advertisements.

The agency, which has a wide customer network from Azerbaijan to Canada, carries out successful national and international works.
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