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E-Commerce website, has emerged as a result of the reflection of the developments in science and technology on the commercial environment and means that companies do business by taking advantage of the internet environment. Advances in technology have become that will allow a very high level of data flow from the internet environment. For this reason, live face-to-face meetings allow the transmission of images as pictures or videos over the internet in an instant. The creation of software that allows secure communication with hardware structures for data transmission has led to an increase in e-commerce on the internet. Moreover, due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-2020 virus, which emerged widely in the mid-19s, the measures taken in every corner of the world caused the e-commerce to increase and demonstrated how important it is.

Because, in order to prevent the pandemic, due to the curfews that lasted for days and even months and the restriction of travel, trade has started to be carried out completely electronically as e-commerce. Until today, producers and even consumers who are not aware of e-commerce have started to come together more on the internet. In fact, the number of websites has grown explosively, and even mid-size and small-scale businesses have had to become members of e-commerce. So let's first review the benefits of the widely used e-commerce application to companies and customers.

e-commerce website

The Benefits of E-Commerce for Firms and Manufacturers

The company, which normally operates during working hours on a daily basis, provides the opportunity to contact customers 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. When you have an e-commerce website design, you will have the opportunity to sell in a 24-hour store.

While offering the opportunity to sell with working hours in a rented store, the paid rent and employee expenses are obtained with the use of less working personnel than a warehouse to be rented (and sometimes even without warehouse rental). When compared, it is seen that the producer / company has provided significant savings in financial terms.

It is also possible to save on administrative expenses (electricity, water, heating, food, etc.). Even if the products offered for sale are not in stock when requested, it allows the sale to be realized.

The sale of products is not only limited to the district/city where the company is located, but also provides the opportunity to reach all needy people throughout the country and increase the customer potential. In fact, when the E-Commerce website design is established, it can be accepted and found worthy of demand in many countries of the world. In this way, promotion and more sales opportunities can be achieved.

For companies; It can create opportunities to see other companies and their products operating in the same sector and thus develop the corporate identity of the company in order to compete better, to reach / communicate with customers more easily and to provide feedback information to improve sales methods.

e-commerce website design

Benefits of E-Commerce for Consumers

The biggest gain is time. It saves time for consumers for other business and study activities. Time is better utilized in human life. For those living in big cities, when we consider the negative effects of traveling from one place to another for shopping, traffic problems, walking around the store and physical fatigue and the time spent on all these, it can be better understood how valuable it is to gain time.

With the product to be requested, it is possible to easily reach dozens of stores on the internet. It is possible to easily compare the products of many stores / companies in the sector regarding the product to be requested. You have the chance to choose the most suitable choice for the needs.

It is possible to be aware of similar products that are offered for sale too much for selection, to make a product price comparison, and to save money by using the manufacturer / company that offers the best price. More assurance is provided in terms of protecting consumer rights. It allows the consumer to get rid of the difficulties of carrying bulky products.

e-commerce website design

E-Commerce Website Design and Losses for the Firm and Consumers

Here, if we need to mention one of the most important features rather than going into details, the sharing of companies and producers by coming face to face is avoided. This can cause people to gradually move away from socialization, which is a completely separate subject of investigation.

Although the result is that it keeps people away from socialization, this weakness can be compensated by other studies and activities to be done over time. However, it is not possible to adopt a behavior such as taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the communication age and giving up e-commerce. E commerce will continue to develop and grow as a much healthier trade activity between the producer and the consumer.

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